Own fleet - planes value vary

Does anyone know why the plane value vary sometimes?

Screenshot_20191219-125813_World of Airports
Planes handled via connections become more valuable?

there is fixed formula - distance between airports / number of passangers are two factors that multiply base income for specific route.

But I mean the basic value. Before You choose a destination.
Not this one:

@kubasan whats exact formula here (he knows better). My guess would be they are for specific S/M/L/XL plane then modified if model is different.

The picture that u shared are the total value AFTER u chose the destination that u desire.

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Well. On my first pic You can see 3 exactly the same planes BAE146 coming back. Two of them have 252W, but one has 336W. All are exactly the same :slight_smile:

And exactly same destination ? i doubt it :slight_smile: if answer is yes then it must be a bug.

do you get different values in the departure box aswell?

The planes have no destination.

The destination I choose later.
As You can see all values are the same for this plane. But sometimes (very rare) the value is higher for one or two planes.

Arent they “player-player connection” planes ? I think that is it.

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