Owned cargo

Could someone explain me how you make much less money by sending your owned cargo planes across the ocean than 20 mins away? I don’t get that one.

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More fuel costs outweigh the income from the cargo itself.


At the same time, why a owned pax plane make more by flying long distance? It’s still burning more fuel.
For the cargo example, a 15 mins flight earn more than a 4hrs one. With handling included, you will make at lest 8x more per day doing very short distance.What airline in the world would do long cargo haul?
Doesn’t seem realistic to me, it look like the cost of shipping cargo isn’t dependent of the distance but is in the case of pax.

The reason you can earn more with pax over longer distance is because ticket prices can go up, but generally cargo prices are the same, no matter the distance, as the customer won’t know which flight it is on, so it has less income. FedEx, UPS, DHL, and CargoLux are all examples of cargo carriers that do very long flights.

How do I get a UPS plane B752F which is unavailable as a GOLD/SILVER plane purchase OR Wollar $?

You can’t buy a generic plane. Buy a B757 cargo plane, paint it in turd brown and yellow (as a replacement for the color that might be gold) and you have your own UPS plane.



Unlock the route, available at Prague and both us airports, from cologne at prg and various destinations at the US airports, I don’t remember where but I know they come from Miami at least