Parague havalimanında 2. pist

parague de 2 pist gözüküyor ama 1 tanesi kullanılıyor ve bi videoda denk geldim uçak o piste iniş yaptı ama diğer videolarda görmedim nasıl oluyor bişeymi satın alcaz yada bi başarım filanmı lazım 2 pist olması bence her zaman daha güzel yani

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gerçek hayatta, iki pist asla aynı anda birlikte kullanılmaz. devs ayrıca 2. pistin asla bu temelde açılmayacağını belirtti.
eğer ve büyük bir if ise, geliştiriciler hava nedeniyle pistteki değişiklikler etrafında kodlama yapıyorsa, o zaman mümkün olabilir.

ancak oyundaki prag tek pistli bir havaalanı olarak tasarlandı ve her zaman öyle olacak.

umarım nedenini açıklamaya yardımcı olur

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Could we please restrict language to english only on this forum so that others can read the post and also give their opinion?

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Can you please respect that not everyone can read or type English?


What @horsepowergeek siad

Can everyone calm down and respect the fact that I took the time to figure out the language and at least attempt to respond in their native tongue to help them.

Yes the general language requirement of this forum is English but let’s not complain if there’s the odd post in a different one. Takes 30 seconds to dump it in google translate to figure it out


@horsepowergeek and @747_is_cool My intension was not to hurt you guys by telling to restrict the language to english.
I just thought that if the post would have been in english most of the people on this forum would try to help @bayramburak answering his post.
Do not get me wrong but not everyone would get time to convert every language in english and then answer.
And if everyone starts to chat in their mother tongue then there will not be any communication on this forum in future and the forum would become useless.

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I respect this thing. Do not get me wrong by the reply above.

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Sorry you two

Oh I’m not hurt, I’m just saying that restricting the language would leave a lot of non-English able people I the dark

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What I meant to

For the non english people
they can at first convert their post in english and then post it on forum so that everyone will not be forced to convert it in english.
It would save a lot of time of other people.

That’s not necessarily fair either. The world doesn’t revolve around English as a language always.
I’m going to think about a bit more of a policy about this, but I’m not sure just saying post in English is the right course of action

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Don’t agree

This might not be the best idea, but we should get an bot which can translate foreign languages into English, that could really help, FaceBook have this feature and it is quite useful.

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Just because English is used all around the world DOES NOT MEAN that EVERYONE can understand/speak English, I know that most of my classmates do not even try speaking English, my Parents aren’t English speakers either (they are German speakers).
I agree that it can be annoying but please… English is not the only language in the world.

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This forum is about flying, aviation, airports etc. It this field English is the de facto standard language. So to carry on this practice in this forum is only natural.

I have to agree with @paru_69 about conversion from your own language to English when you post here. Google translate ( can help with this.

And posting in English will get better attention to your suggestion or comment. I tend to ignore posts not in English or German and only occasionally take the trouble to use Google translate. I think there are more here who do this.


I am not telling everyone to learn english or to use english in their daily lives.
I am just asking to post here in english so that most of the people would understand it.
so non english speakers can just use a translator and post it here so that most of us here on this forum would understand and interact on the post.
If my mother tongue is urdu it does not mean that I will post here in urdu. I will first translate it in english and then post it here.
There is no point in wasting time of thousands of people who read the post in translating to their a standard language. Insted the person who posts or comments must first translate in a standard language which most of the people understand.

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Understand guys if you do not use english your posts will be ignored by most users here!

Excellent! From now on I will post only in my native Greek and then demand from other people to use Google translate to understand what I say. :grinning: