Parking slot unlock/lock option

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Hi Everyone,

Do you think it would be worth to have an Unlock/Lock option of the multiple-size parking/gates slots of the airport?

For instance, when we start an airport, we usually do it small, as we don’t have enough money, nor enough crew. Therefore, we only handle small planes with small parking slots. And with a lot of S slots after a while, right.

But after upgrading the airport, we might not want to have so many S slots anymore.

Therefore, on the multiple-size parking space, I would like to have the possibility to lock again the slot I don’t need anymore, and this, without having to reset the airport entirely, which also affect my grounds crews.

What do you think?

Cheers, :wink:

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I think this sounds great and would probably by implemented the same way as the destinations were.

Yo en estos casos lo que hago es deshabilitar la ruta de los aviones S o M, y me quedo con las rutas de los aviones L y XL.

I have no clue what that is in English.


In these cases, what I do is disable the route for the S or M planes, and I keep the routes for the L and XL planes.


Added a poll for this one

Definitely would make life much easier instead of having to turn off all of the incoming smalls, and the top of the head problem would be with your own smalls if still owning any.

I agree. And in addition I Would suggest the ability to relock landing slots after you purchase them. For example in my BRI airport I have for landing slots which is really too much for this airport for me and I would like to look two of them again. Even if we have to pay for that I think it would be a good addition.


And when will this update come

There is no date or even confirmation on if the devs will add it?

Ok thank you