Passengers using masks

I know this is a minor issue, but it would be good if the devs could remove masks from the passengers when boarding/disboarding the masks on passenger faces, but with a 10% of chances of appearing one passenger with masks.

We will send your request to devs.

New version of passengers doesnt have masks.

I think the passengers in the 2.0 update will not wear masks.

I agree with your idea that few passengers can have their masks on. In some regions masks are still mandatory on public transport and wearing masks on planes are recommend by CDCs in almost every country.

In Japan, masks will no longer be required from March

I think they also wear inappropriate underwear.

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Asians think differently than Europeans and North Americans. In Asia, especially in Japan, there are many people who feel they have to wear a mask even though they are told that it is mandatory to wear a mask.

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