Pathing in PRG broken in two places (plus another possible bug)

First time seeing this, in PRG after bulk taking off of planes from gates i found two intersections that dont work and another thing which im not yet sure if its a bug.

  1. Is at the new L gate. It conflicts with the other two L/XL gates on the right concourse.
  2. Crossroad of right most cargo stand and taxiway that goes from stands 1,2,3.
    Pics below

Last one is maybe a visual bug maybe an actual bug, not sure as i havent yer been able to test it
During the same bulk pushbacks from previous pics i got one cargo airplane coming in. Upon selecting it it lit up both the cargo stand as a parking option but also stand Nr:1 which is pax. Again i say lit up on the map but not on the below UI that you get when selecting stands. When the plane landed it showed it taxing to the cargo stand but i have yet to see if everything performes ok. Could be only a visual glitch.
Pics below

Edit: two days have gone by and i have been able to replicate the issue multiple times. @shill where u at :slight_smile:

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