Pause button

PLEASE add a pause button. Us cellphone users need it, especially for when our gaming is temporarily interrupted by something in the real world. Especially us parents, with kids and such.


YES this is hugely needed

Even Southwest Airlines in the US has that now.


You can ‘pause’ the game by hitting the home button on the phone. I don’t know if it works on iOS but when I do it on my android device it pauses the game(service timers don’t move until you enter the game, planes don’t continue to taxi,etc).

But that doesn’t let you do things like add new flights

You don’t have to pause to do that?
Also the home button doesn’t pause to my knowledge

I must also point out that, in my phone at least, when you return to the game from this “paused” state, the UI is very stuttery, and I have to FC to get it to act correctly again. And this is on a Samsung S22 Ultra.

It’s defintely not perfect since it seems to not be intentional. But I thought I’d bring it out for those who need it until a proper pause button is implemented