Pausing the Game?

is there a way of pausing the game ? so i can evaluate what i need to buy at IAD, currently have 25 stands, so /ac movements are constant, be good if i can pause to check if anything else is needed to buy.

You cant pause the game as of right now. I suggest stoping the landings for a bit to lighten the trafic load. Could help

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If you service a plane but dont give it permission to take off it can sit at the gate indefinitely. If you do this at a few or most of your stands the pace of the game will slow down greatly.
i.e. if all your stands are occupied by a planes the arrival rate slows down. This should allow you to peruse the airport at your leisure.

I am not sure if it is device specific but on my samsung tab S3 I can use the home button to pause. By selecting the recent apps key I can start the game where I left it.

Yes but i think he meant pausing while youre still in game, he said he wants to plan out which stands to buy i think. I use that strategy for sending multiple planes to connection partners :joy:

Oh, that’s something different. My strategy is to expand gates only when my own planes are blocking incoming traffic.