Pax and cargo combi idea

With the introduction of the Queen of the skies a new possibility opened up. A combination of both Passenger and Cargo handling, in one plane. KLM for example still flies to date, with 5 different 747-400 Combi. Meaning that the back half of the plane is reserved for cargo, while the front half is pax (with a maximum of 268). The cargo capacity is increased towards 45 tonnes.
I think this opens up a new type of gameplay and can be very exciting.
Let me know what you guys think and if it can be achieved in game at a certain date and time in the future.
As a supporting article:


Cargo and PAX operations will remain separate as far as I know. Regular cargo to be continied for remaining airports.

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When is cargo coming to IAD?

First to BRI then succesively to others. When - no ETA. It comes when its ready.