Perfect Setup..?

At BARI I currently have 4 S Stands 3 M Stands and 1 L stand. I have 2 fuel trucks 3 baggage and 2 Buses, Im curious on what other people have.

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I have:
9s stands
10m stands
2 l stands
5 bus
5 cleaning
3 catearnig
7 baggage
4 fuel
3 lavetory and water
2 cargo


I hope to have PRG by the end of today, Any Ideas?

Just go slowly with number of handling equipment - I find it more fun to play with really minimum amount that makes it more demanding.

Going full option is a bit of nonsense as it doesnt matter what you click its gonna be good anyway (E-Z mode).

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Thanks for the ideas!

Maby go with as shill said with minimum equipment like 3 each or something like that.