Personal liveries


. I think “Stripes” is also a classic, but it looks different on each model. The fleet does not have the same color in the lights on the tail. And… ATR 76. All “Gradient” have accent only winglets. The ATR 76 has accent motors and a window frame. Why? :pray:

The devs will be unifying the design of the liveries across all planes in the near future. The devs already did a survey to see which liveries will stay and which ones isn’t. The survey might still be up if you still want to vote but it might have closed already. The unification of the liveries might come out with the next big update which is expected to come out in summer this year, so you just have to wait for it patiently.

I understand. In vote “Gradient” is not, so I believe that it will be applied to more models and the others will unite. It’s luxury. And ATR 76 … Prefer the accent of the end of the wings without winglets. Not a window frame … It’s Your. Thanks.

the survey is open till tonight

Where can I find the survey?

I think this is the link

It looks like the survey has finished, though. Shame. I hadn’t heard of it anywhere.
Did they advertise it in the game?

Nope, only on the forum. (Maybe social media platforms too)

Ah, now I saw the survey after I searched for it here in the forums. I wish I had seen it before. The results of the survey unfortunately don’t show which option was which.

I have to admit that the underlying system of the forum is terrible. I haven’t figured out which threads are marked as unread/new in the overview. It is very impractical to go into every sub group to see if there is something you haven’t seen yet.

Survey was hanged on forum in main section. Yes, voting was to yeterday midnight.

Inside game - no. But its good suggestion for future.

Results of voting are prepared by WOA team. If get them I will post them right away here, on Discord and facebook groups: Cult of Second Runway and World of Airports Players.