Phone doesn't charge when game is played

I can’t get my mobile charged when I play the game. Even if mobile isn’t charging, the game drains out battery a lot faster than expected. Any suggestions to solve this problem?

What device to you play on? If its not powerfull enough, a bit older, already on an empty battery, and running a bunch of apps all at once this can happen. I personally experience this rarely when im running WoA, bluetooth, background apps and music apps

Will pass that do developers (as odd as it sound…) :slight_smile:

I switch off all apps, and then play. My device is vivo. Purchased last year in October.

Yes, please.:cry:

U mean pass that ‘to’ developers, right? If it isn’t that, then I fear u meant pass that (meaning ignore that message). :unamused:

I did asked - should get some sort of info back.

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Did you set the game settings to resolution 50% and refresh to 30fps?