Pin Airport

So I recently had the idea of being able to pin an airport in the destination tab (the one we use to send our planes)
The feature is supposed to help people who want to send planes to the same destination without scrolling. e.g. I usually send my planes on the longest route i can find which are at the other end of the destination tab though it should also help people who send planes to the shortest destination as the game will slowly add more airports and the destination tab will at some point become crowded with player airports. Because of this the pinned airport should show even before the playeable airports.
What do you guys think?


Nice feature. I am putting it into consideration for dev team.


Naw, I get plenty of gate keys From destinations during game play while playing tag. I fish for the planes i want to get and pay the fare, if affordable. Click on Unlocked key and highlight S/M/L under Connections.