Pl activate offline landing

Hi Dev’s

Earlier I played WOA 10 11 hours now I getting bored :sleeping: and tried…

I lost interest in this game now…
I already full level up in maximum airport…

Please activate offilne mode also, if you want this game run smoothly in future

This my personal opinion, don’t know how many members agree on this…

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Yes please. :pray:


Think this should’ve been posted in game ideas

But I also agree with the offline mode and maybe a way to store XP after maxing out airports for when new models/airport unlocks are added

Not possible since it’s an online game

they want the game to be realistic

Devs have confirmed it’s not possible as the game has 2 clocks, one held on the server and one for local data. Because of the need for those to work together, can’t be turned to offline