Plane Cards - Own Fleet

The option of hiding arriving and departing plane cards is of great use and I would love to see similar function for plane cards of own fleet where one could hide plane cards of own fleet for planes that finished the handling process and the player decides to keep them idle own the ground, allowing to better review and focus on planes which require immediate attention.
It could do wonders on the tedious left and right swiping to find plane cards requiring attention, especially after game crashes and/or restarts.

How do we dispose of plane cards once we finish it? It seems to much as added feature.

What May work is planes who don’t use the gate gangway, get towed and park in an empty parking stand until the next flight out.

The same way with planes under maintenance. The plane will get towed to the hub hanger for repairs. I am sure when owning a fleet, you can buy gates s, M, L XL passengers or cargo or both for a year contract. The airport can renew if you offer a great deal.

What do you exactly mean by that? As Earth2AirX said you click the hide button (which hides the planes that are still taxing to the gate/runway) to hide them.

Exactly! A similar button to hide own planes which are ready for take off would be awesome.