Plane fix on a destination // Close destinations

I leave a suggestion that would make life easier for those with a large fleet. There could be a way to fix an plane to a destination, so we wouldn’t have to keep selecting plane by plane.

Another thing I would like to see is the possibility of being able to close destinations that I have already enabled

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It should be ‘a’.
But what do you mean by that?

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Let’s say I always send a B738 to LAX, I could have an option to always leave that plane at that destination. When the handling is finished it would automatically fly to LAX.
I think it would help in situations where you have many destinations unlocked and many planes to send.


I think what you are asking for is to assign a plane to a specific route. That functionality is being considered as part of the multi-player alliance option, but in theory could extend to regular play too at some point.

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The plane coming from an airport could have landed at your airport and then go to other airports if it was scheduled. For example a plane is travelling from A to C and it has a stop at B(the airport which we will control). I also have a suggestion if our own fleet could make stopovers. I mean from all airport not only IAD-NGO both for emergencies and refueling. But it would make a long long list about which planes to go to which airport. Plus the passengers on the type of plane which can directly go from A to C have to stop at B and waste more time. I know it is only for our airport but it can cause the destination (and stopovers) which can create a long list, and I have wondered if there were diversions and cancelled flights. I wasted 40 mins for this with stops (21:50-22:30) and now I am very sleepy.