Plane for Maintenance - why load up with cargo/ passengers?

Not sure if this has been raised before, but when a fleet plane lands, why does it have to go through the whole unload / reload process, unload passengers - yes, but why not just be able to send it off empty, like would happen in reality. ?


long time question , I also didn’t understand why for maintenance load passengers atc.

Same really, a better implementation (in my opinion) would be to have purchasable maintenance hangers at the airport (maybe in the bigger airports) and the fleet plane simply taxis (self or with a tug) to that hanger.
The timer for that plane can show how long the maintenance will take, and when it’s done it just taxis back to the stand.

This can be not just for maintenance, even for maybe if a AI (Airline) plane needs a quick fix for technical issue. Just an idea…


It was a coding issue, it was much quicker and easier to implement leaving the majority of the process intact than try and differentiate the maintenance aircraft from normal aircraft in terms of servicing.
It’s not correct, but that’s why and I am sure someday it will be fixed, but not a priority and I’m ok with that.

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In real life I believe airlines normally have maintenance bases at airports they already fly to so they could just load passengers and fly a scheduled flight to the maintenance base and then just taxi to the hangar from the gate there

yeah, i presumed this was the case, not really an issue, am just being picky.

Mostly yes, but in WoA the fleet implementation is like you have a separate fleet only for separate airports and the maintenance flight goes to a third party (like how smaller airlines handle maintenance).
Would have made a little sense of we could transfer a plane to a different airport for their future flights (like how a real airline dynamically shifts planes to account for demand at another airport if they can, or send a replacement plane while the original assigned plane goes to maintenance)
The idea for in-house / at home airport maintenance (what most big airlines do) could just add a whole new objective to the game, but that’s way into the future if they ever want to do that. Maybe even a customisable home airport, and pay slightly less for maintenance at home airport :thinking:

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Under consideration, go vote for it :slight_smile: