Plane landed, is at gate but is stuck

Plane has landed at MCT on my version from Delhi and is at the gate but unable to service it at all. The button to select staff is green but when pressed dpes not go up. Other planes are clmjng and going but this has been stuck for 24 hours.

Screenshot? Have tried restarting the game? (I presume so as you say 24 hours)

Yeah restarted a few times and its still at the gate.

Do you have a screenshot?

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Will get this far but not the green box does not work

Not too sure then. Post it on the discord with Phone version info, might get fixed in a future update. Maybe just keep trying to handle it or attempt to cancel the contract (I doubt that will work as it’s already on ground)

Just encountered the bug in INN and BRI

It seems to be a Wi-Fi issue, as I managed to fix it by turning off Wi-Fi, turning it back on and restarting the game.