Plane to buy?

So I’m currently in PRG (I’ve unlocked IAD but because it kinda cost a lot to move, I think I’ll be staying at PRG a while longer) I have 7 Saabs ready to be sold for golden planes, I’m curious. Should I replace them with E190, or should I save up and take the A320?
(I currently have 50.000$ and 7 Saabs that I will turn unto golden plane. What is the best plane I should buy?)

B738. Makes more money.

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Does 738 have a huge difference with the a320? It costs 1 golden plane more but only has around 10 passenger difference with the airbus

Even a small difference in earnings makes serious money if you look at the lifecycle of the plane. There are planes comparison charts in this forum which show the various details on this.


I’ve seen the chart, I just don’t really understand lol

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Nathan, at your stage of the game I think the A320 and the B738 will basically get you the same ₩, the 1 Gold plane difference in price is a big deal early on in the game. I would skip the E190 and go to the A320.

As for the charts … you want to buy a plane that is very steep. Meaning it goes very high on the graph as quickly as possible. The higher the graph the more money the plane makes, the farther to the right the graph goes the longer it takes to make than money.

The A320 is going to make about ₩193,000 before it retires, while the B738 will make about ₩220,000 before it retires. The planes will last about 2-3 months depending on how often you play.



Good point. I focussed on earnings and forgot the costs :confused:.


Does the plane retires after the second D check? Since I’ve been reading around the forum and found out that currently the plane don’t get retired

No you can keep it as long as you want right now, but after maintenance D you don’t get golden planes if you sell it sell it anymore. But anyway my recommendation is to replace it before maintenance C or latest before the first maintenance D. The costs for maintenance then are too high compared to the costs of buying a new plane.


Thanks for the info. I kinda forgot about the maintenance cost

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