Planes flying nonstop way beyond range

AT76 has a range of 825 NM. Then how is it possible for it to fly nonstop from BRI to TBS, which is 1263 NM away?

However, E170 with a range of 2100 NM won’t fly nonstop from BRI to MCT, which is 2360 NM away. It needs to stop at AMM to break the journey as 1083 NM and 1278 NM.

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I think you saw something wrong. The ATR must take a stopover at some airport. Or will it just glide 400 nm?

I can get a screenshot from BRI once my AT76 returns from the current flight, but for now I will share similar thing happening in INN with AT43 (range 459 NM) flying nonstop to TBS, which is 1465 NM away.

Well, then its a bug.

Looks like that.

Here is that screenshot from BRI.

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Range doesn’t matter in the game. Plane size does. If a small is allowed to go somewhere, any small will fly there non-stop.

They only do one stop flights for connection airports. Funny thing about that: san Francisco is just as far from IAD as San Diego but for a small, San fran is non-stop, San Diego, a player airport, requires smalls do 1 stop at DFW. That’s a weird thing.

Maybe they’ll get around to fixing it all some day but that’s not today.


I just noticed my An12 (range 1950 NM) from PRG flies to MCT (distance 2587 NM) without a layover. Like @Deadeye313 said, I guess only airframe size matters. It must be that certain connections are hard-coded to be non-stop or 1-stop by plane size only.

What’s the fuss about this? It’s a game, not reality.


+1 on that, who said they don’t put a couple extra fuel tanks in the baggage hold before departure


There is no fuss, just trying to better understand game dynamics. Nobody is complaining.

As for reality, yes, it’s a game, but one that tries to mimic reality in many aspects. So much so that, there were even discussions in this forum about closing/shutting down airlines/airports to mimic real life covid airline/airport shutdowns.

So I don’t see why it’s a problem trying to understand where it’s game and where it’s more real.