Planes get stuck and do not move. And a new bug on Bari

My airplanes get stuck on the way yo the runway at INN. I have to go back yo main menu to fix it but it happens too often now.

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Have you fixed it?

Another bug- now on Bari there was ANA 787 landing and as I had a free L space, it would not go to it and just would hang not letting me put it on que to land. Until it dropped and took 3 planes back. Is it a bug?


This is because you have already assigned 1 plane to the other stand, so no stands are left for you to put that one in.

That bug happened to me too at INN.

I hope the fixed it.

Not true, I did not have anything assigned to the other stand. There are 2 L stands at Bari and there was no other L plane assigned, this is why I got pissed. I restarted may times but i lost the plane and 3 credits anyway.

Ok, then it is a bug.

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