Planes got stuck during push back at IAD

I am getting annoyed by this bug. The plane got stuck during pushback, It’s been 2 months when I and some players notice the bug. In the latest update, it seems to occur regularly and the only solution for this is to go back to the main menu which is very annoying especially when you handling the plane of other players because the timer decreases every time I exit the game. I hope it will be fixed.

these problems happen at many airports and I’m annoyed too

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yeah, but in my case, It occurs commonly in IAD but in other airports, I experience another bug, like there are no handling services even though I served them.

1.30.5 made things worse, the latest hotfix (1.30.6) should fix that bug according to the notes:

Oh yeah, I just update my WoA and it works but I immediately encounter a new bug. My planes are not landing at the airport. I will turn off my minigames again until the new update arrives. :<

Did you press ‘start’, then ‘skip’? I did that when start wouldn’t work for the landing minigame and about a minute later, when it is that aircraft’s turn to land, the screen faded into a black colour and then the minigame worked as normal…

same here