Planes that depart automatically 🤔

good morning everyone!
I’m playing in PRAGUE airport and I noticed that if I have 8 planes waiting for takeoff and for some reason I have to abandon the game once I re-enter the game the planes that were waiting for takeoff have disappeared. always present but started automatically. :thinking:
Does this happen to you too? Thank you

Hi mate,
Yes, this has been the norm ever since the game started. Planes in the arrival phase, whether they are landing or taxiing, will be reset to the landing queue, and planes that are taxiing to depart would ‘disappear’. I think the reason for the departure aircraft disappearing when you exit and enter the airport again is because the flight time in game starts as soon as you press that pushback button. On the radar, you will see that the aircraft is ‘in the air’.


@Player8888065037 thanks for the clarification :+1:

All good!

Wonderfully concise response, thank you

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