Playable Airport Connections: Best Options

Three of the most common questions I see on the forums are those presented in the title:

  1. Where do I send my planes?
  2. What planes are best for player connections?
  3. How do I configure my plane for a certain route?

The following spreadsheet contains data on minimum profit / maximum profit / SP / XP for every single route between playable airports in the game, and my personal scoring system for planes based on how effective they are at carving out roles within the fleet.

It’s very much a work in progress! Much information is already complete, and I’m adding / updating things every day. If you want to assist me in this project contact me through DMs on here or via the WoA discord!


Good job :clap: @CJ_RVWilliams


Create one more thread for confirmed updates like DEL on indefinite hold
SYD is the upcoming airport
a350 remodel
v1 models upgrade
And many more I can remember only this much now.
What devs said on QnA

I would add this sheet, which was made by a team of discord members named Geo, KamiKazi, Defoe, and of course CJRV, and others in the discord. It includes the route analysis and other stuff.

Nice job with the spreadsheet cj!


SYD is already being worked on as a destination within the table. Can’t use it for departures yet as we don’t have access to those flights :).

With DEL being on indefinite hold… I’m kinda of ignoring it for now as we don’t know when it’s coming and it’s a lot of work to copy the data.

A350 remodel includes the A359 addition which has a placeholder row within the table!

The rest of that stuff is beyond the scope of playable airport connections - so not really on the topic of this listing. Someone should make a list for sure.

@Thatflyerguy - That’s another good resource to share - even if Defoe and I don’t see eye to eye on his analysis / suggestions haha.