Playable airports in the next update?

Is there a next playable airport after Leipzig?

I am curious if any current playable airports that we are playing are going to get an upgrade? For example SAN Diego Airport is currently constructing a new Terminal 1 connecting to the existing Terminal 2 & 3?

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Maybe while they are doing this upgrade they could fix the cargo terminal
But frkm what I’m hearing the next update is out in May by plan so it won’t have any Airports unless they really work

They should include emergency landings as well!! Makes the game a bit more intense dontcha think

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Nobody wants that, it’s been requested and been shot back down, so don’t request it

The game currently focuses more on handling operations than ATC operations. Emergency landing wouldn´t even fit into the game. Though I heard that medical asisstance during handling could be added.

Going back to the topic of this thread a SAN Diego update would be nice to see. It wouldn´t be the first time the devs did it either as INN got a remodel as well after a Runway upgrade of sorts happened if I remember correctly.

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