Player Arrivals Board in Main Menu

Hello, I would like to be able to see my incoming player arrivals (both self-owned and connection) without having to go to each airport to check the board. My suggestion/idea is to add an Arrivals Board in the main menu so that we can scroll through each airport to see when planes are arriving.

This will save a lot of time. Currently, I have to either rely on the notification that a plane is arriving, which also doesn’t show up when I’m playing the game (but on a different airport). Because of this, I need to check every airport to see when planes are arriving and then I exit immediately.

We have airport achievements in the main menu. I hope player arrivals can also be added.


Mr Frosty from Discord made a mock up of an iOS widget that can also be incorporated with this idea. The widget should be available in different sizes, and it would be nice to edit which airport the widget is for.


I think this does a good job of allowing us to see what is arriving without going into the game or the radar.


That would be a great for players who have hundreds of aircrafts in multiple airports.

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I’d go as far as saying this is the single most useful suggestion that I’ve seen. It would be a huge help to me!

I get notifications from the game after logout and it lets me know the planes have returned to Airport.

The departure que needs fine tuning. Everytime the ratio is changed because this gurl hates waiting for these planes cant launch themselves with camera on or off. I park the view to watch arrivals come in from the board as the Plane departure button flags out – quickest way to gate planes and process requests.

Avg to gate@2:1 is 16 planes every 20 minutes, for me, I don’t know what other players do.

The PLANE icon to control Gate Operations is what Im referring to.