Player contract + How To View Fleet Maintenance

Can they actually return back to my airport after servicing?
In addition: How To View Fleet Maintenance?

You can click the size button on the info. window. In your case, which I mean on your uploaded screenshot, you should click the ‘L’ on the left.

If I I Have 738/734 where is longest destination I choose for my fleet?

I can’t answer you since I didn’t investigate it. However, I hope to catch you on this game if I am a developer. I’ll let you cost much more time playing. If so, the shorter the contract distance, the more profitable flight it will be. According to this thought, choosing a close destination is better for us.That is to say, to the revenue of each flight is not high, but, we can send our planes more times during their whole life, and getting a comparably higher ROI.

When in contracts section, go to the map contracts box. Map of the world will come up showing you all the available destinations for your aircraft type, you can select from there.
Be advised, apparently for the bigger aircraft , some destinations are hidden until you configure the plane with other seating types like business and first.

Tq Are Player contract aren’t returnable to your airport, like the above screenshot