Player Planes - CRJ700


Revenue per nm: 0.31
Fuel consumption: 41 nm/₩
Maximum revenue: ₩116,753
Service Life: 592,867 nm
Breakeven: 122,222 nm (20.6% of life span)

The vertical axis is the ₩ earned by the plane, the horizontal axis is the nm the plane has logged.

Solid blue line indicates revenue generated by the CRJ700. Drops in the blue line indicate Maintenance.
Dotted blue line indicates the value of the plane if sold and the Gold planes are cashed out for ₩10,000 each. Once the resale value is 0, this line is the same as the solid blue.
The Gray line indicates the revenue generated by closest competitor, in this case the BAe146.
Black dotted line box is the low mileage graph shown below.

Break-even point is shown by vertical black line at the milage shown on the graph.
The BAe146 has two break-even points, because maintenance B causes it to go negative, the CRJ’s breakeven point is between these to points on the BAe’s graph. The CRJ is more profitable than the BAe ONLY before breaking even. After both planes have paid for themselves the BAe out paces the CRJ.
The CRJ does have a slightly longer life span and will end up generating about 92% of the total revenue a BAe can generate.

These graphs cover the plane’s life up to Maintenance D. Future updates will show what happens thereafter.