Players aircraft registration

Player aircrafts seems to get a random registration. It would be nice, if they get a valid registration from reality.

I know from…
… austrian aircrafts, that the registration must start with OE-Lxx.
… german aircrafts, that the registration must start with D-Axxx.

(reference: List of aircraft registration prefixes )

I think that it will add unneccesary coding and registration of data tables for each country.

Unfortunately there are probably bigger things the devs are thinking about. Though it would be a nice touch, there are more wanted things than this

There’s a simple logic problem to your request.

In reality for Austria for example based on the above, you would be limited to 1x 26x 26 = 676 combinations
For Germany it would be 1*x 26 x 26 x 26 = 17,576

For reality that’s fine, However,

The point of the exercise from the devs is to avoid duplications, which causes complications in coding and game play for them. For example I have around 50 aircraft in Innsbruck alone, there are hundreds of thousands of players the combinations all got used up even with the release of the fixed letter you noted above. So they had to try something different

Also as an aside it does often provide some fun registrations which I think I’ve put in a previous thread somewhere.


It’s probably fine as long as it stays mostly realistic, for example if it remains formatted as OE-XXXX, or D-XXXX. I think a bigger realism problem right now is that the US registrations are incorrect. It should be formatted as NXXXXX, or as N123AB for example. No US registration contains entirely numbers or has a dash.