Player's handle time reduced to less than a minute after crash

This happened twice today where I began handling another player’s plane, the app crashed, and when I reopened it there was less than a minute left to handle players’ planes. (They both failed to handle in time even when I held the green speed-up button.)

It’s not a bug, there is a timer for handling the planes.

I think it is a bug & it’s quite common. It’s especially annoying at somewhere like BRI or PRG where it seems to take a while for the Ls & Xs to taxi to the gate & it crashes whilst they’re getting there. You reload the game & like you say you now have 2 minutes instead of 20. It’s been around for a long time & there are plenty of posts about it on here.

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I had the same problem a few times and tried to leave the airport and went back in. The handling times were back to normal then.
At least it’s worth a try because at one minute left you can’t handle the plane.


yes this is a good method to get the timer again like normal

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Did the game crash or did you have some network problem? If it crashed then if might be fixed but if you had some network problem then its a normal thing.

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Thanks all, it’s comforting to know that it’s not just me. I’ll try jumping out and back in if it happens again.

@Rito, I think the second time it was a game crash and not a network problem. The first time, though, I think I just tried to switch between airports. But when I came back to the first airport (not even a minute later) a player’s L-size plane had less than a minute left.

I just feel bad for the players’ planes I missed haha

Contact the devs if the game crashed, they will fix it.

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