Please woa

Place these 3 events at the airports of BRI, PRG, IAD, I beg you, I only need these 3 planes for me to complete the a359

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It might be easier to get them at NGO or LHR

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I can agree

btw we just got airbus and regular finnair as events. You just need one more…

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I lost everything. How do I restore it back?

I’d recommend emailing the devs at and explain to them what’s happened. They should be able to help you out.

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I already did this but no one responded to me, and all I need are these three planes to complete the a359.

Patience my friend, PATIENCE.

I’m “only” missing a total of 29, I can’t get on the devs’ nerves because of THIS.

The devs are working on really important and cool things for the game we love, this kind of nonsense just wastes their time.

THESE are important things.


The partner is right, the developers are working on important things for the game and losing your cool over some models that you are missing is already crazy, calm down friend… You will get them.

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dude have you not been paying attention to the game? we just got the finnair events ON BACK TO BACK DAYS over the weekend. If you missed them I’m sorry but you cant take that out on the devs. Plus you can literally buy the normal finnair one at almost every airport(other than inn)

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