(Pool no.2) Vintage "special" plane achievable in game (future content)

We are thinking about introduce player “special” plane which will be achievable by fulfiling something in game. Vintage planes - they still do fly but not for a long time I guess. Just want to scan what players wish to see the most (and we know all of them just pick the favourite).

  • B727-200
  • B707-320C
  • Tupolev Tu-154M

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Can we also do military aircraft. That would be super cool!

They should “do” something in game. First different purpose aircrafts will be cargo for sure. But fruit for thought.

I really like some ‘different’ air manufacturing companies, like Tupolev here, and Bombardier before. There’s just so many Airbus and Boeing I can take before thinking it’s less interesting :smile:

With that said, I must confess I think the Tupolev is the least pretty of them, but I’m still rooting for them!

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Yes Russian planes are kind of beautiful or at least different :slight_smile:

Cade o fokker 100?

All. Of. Them. No but seriously, choosing one, gotta be the 727!

Thanks for voting. We will probably run same pool on facebook as majority of followers are there. And then we will summarize which one is most desireable.

In a meantime we are working on how to unlock that one (and it wont be gold planes it will require something else :smiley: )