Possible Steam Version?

Hey guys!

I just randomly found a game demo on Steam called Sky Haven which looks pretty much like a low poly version of World of Airports.
So my question is: Does the dev team have any plans on bringing this brilliant game to Steam?
It’ll instantly be the best of its kind if it got released on Steam.



I mean, there are chances cause games like airport madness is available on steam and on the previous non-generalized topic on a possible PC version they didn’t say no and I believe they said something close to “maybe but not right now”

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Yeah in my opinion world of airports is the best in this category that I’ve ever played so far. I’ve played all the airports madness and they’re pretty bad lol. I just can’t help imagining what a PC version with improved graphics will look like!

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I mean airport madness is ok but graphically it’s not the best.I think the PC ones are ports of the mobile versions. I mean it’s second best at ATC and WoA is one a the only few "handling and management " games. I mean it’s the pricing that’s going to matter, maybe about 5 pounds for the graphical improvements? (I want them to have atleast a stable income to make updates)

I would love even a simple Mobile to PC port over with some tweaks. Since the game is made on Unity Engine, and Unity offers coding for all platforms

But, as long as we can have a Cloud Sync between Mobile and PC, I’ll be totally into it and pre-order

I mean for the sake of the game’s success the are going to have to make some drastic graphical changes because remember a lot of people would give hate for it being a port just for the sake of it.

Just for beta testing, textures & graphics can be upgraded later on

Makes sense, it’s just cause for some reason people would give a horrible rating to a ported game…
(cause people actually care about that as much as they do)…
(otherwise I completely agree with ya)

Since the game is Unity3D based. It’ll be very easy to port to x86 and there are even some graphical options that the devs can enable before you port it like SSAO and AA. Just release it into early access and ppl won’t even complain about it since with the current state of the mobile version, WOA is already killing all the other games in its category.


All it needs is Anti-aliasing some more high res textures yes SSAO would be good and maybe a more polished 1080p 60. (probably will have to be on early access release). The landscapes could be more detailed (over time) since it is PC and PC can support much more resources like in games such as Asphalt or F1. (might be long term) oh yeah shading would have to be much more advanced

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