Prague airport connectivity


Although I connected to Prague airport from Innsbruck airport, I didn’t get any complete airport streak. The base airport is Innsbruck airport. The 0/100 from Innsbruck to Prague remains same. Although it is written there as, handle enough airplane from Innsbruck to Bari, instead of Innsbruck to Prague. I think it’s a technical issue. Otherwise I would have achieved 10/100 connectivity from Innsbruck to Prague airport till now. Please look to it. Thanks.


I was at Prague and connected to random people but got nothing at all, so would be good if you could connect to others that had planes. It would be even better if the planes stayed with you from airport to airport too.


Theres a topic for that :slight_smile:

Better random connections

Same here, random connection from Prague does not work. Bad.

The most effective way to get good connections is through this forum i would say. Go to the connections and co category and make a topic there or just comment on an existing one. Obvs do not request connections if you dont plan on regularly servicing them, dont waste peoples time

Forum works good, so do the discord server and the facebook groops. I think only active players go to look for these types of communication.