Prefer old window or newest passenger window…

Hi all,

I just wanted to give my opinion on the old passenger window vs the new window view.

Personally, I like the older passenger view, where you can see the whole wing plus it’s a more realistic site screening B when passengers sit by the window.

The newest version is almost like twisting your head to look back at the wing and front view of the motor running when travelling on taxi or landing/take offs.

I personally like the older version window view so that you can see out more looking straight out getting a larger 180 degree angle view.

My vote is the old straight 180 degree view window!


Imo we could have both, since the devs said they would be adding more camera angles in the future


I get why you like the old passenger view but in my opinion it is too tall, while the new view hight is about the same

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Are you assuming or was this something the developers are working on?

I’d like the current one, and old one moved slightly further down and back

New one all the way, looks exactly how it should sitting forward of the engines (except the A35K). The old one doesn’t look right at all, feels like the camera is at the top of the plane.

No they mentioned it in a release note after the camera glitch was removed.

I agree with you. It is too tall on older ones especially the A320 which I found so frustrating. At least the A320 remodel is one its way which should change the passenger position.

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