Preliminary Road Map

Dear all,

Foreword: After discussions with @kubasan I decided to help devs with sharing information to the “network” - so we all can have idea about what is comming and when.

Please remember those milestone dates can be adjusted and changed - that basically depends on how much free time small developement team will have as well as on progress of bug fixing.

WoA Road Map

Alpha Tests - extended to approx. end of August to achieve desired stability and gameplay
Beta Tests - still planned in August for approx. 1-1,5 months
Release - 22nd October 2019

Content-wise - expect other announcement with whats is planned for content of each release.

For current stage (Alpha) - goal is to have 3 fully operational airports INN / BRI / PRG and one airplane model for each class (S/M/L/X).

For (Beta) plan was revamped due to slower develpement and it will remain with 3 airports as alpha but many new features are added to the same.

2 planes for each class (S/M/L) ; 1 (XL) plane and bonus plane for backers “Concorde” - simply because it has to be tested as well.

Stay tuned for more info.