Premium Pass Queston

if i buy premium pass at INN, will the benefit active on another airport too?

I’m not sure what you mean by “benefit”.
Earned SP or GP are available at all airports. Wollars or acquired aircraft are only available at INN. Acquired livery is unlocked forever.

i mean like if i buy Premium Pass at INN, will the premium pass be active at other airports like BRI, SAN etc. i still dont understand about the Premium Pass😅

No, you have to activate the premium pass for the airport separately. The price is higher or lower depending on the size of the airport. But compared to INN, it only gets more expensive.

It can help you to level up faster as you receive either money (Wollars, SP or GP), contracts or aeroplanes. You can either use aeroplanes for player contracts (to earn more XP and SP (compared to normal contracts)) or sell them and receive wollars.

The faster you level up, the sooner you unlock new airports. All in all, however, WOA is a time-intensive game. It takes a long time either way.

Premium pass can speed it up. It’s also a way of supporting the developer team, which is building this game with just a few people and regularly providing it with new updates.


Thanks for the explanation, i appriciate that.

I have the premium pass for Bari, basically each airport needs to pay certain amount of GP like 20 for Bari and 15 for Innsbruck, and 30 for Prague.