PRG Cargo Stands

Where are the new cargo stands for PRG? I can’t locate them to buy them.

Nevermind, but In Case any one else is looking for them you have to buy the a new terminal which is on the far left.

PRG is already fully bought for me, how can I change slots to cargo?

following steps may help you.:smiley:


Thanks for this.

Am I right in thinking that there are only M and X cargo planes at the moment? I am not sure whether it is worth building an L slot or not?

yes you are right, currently there are only X (B747F) and M (B737F) cargo stands playable at PRG. L (B777F) and S stands will be playable soon, but there is no timing for it :wink:. So you can buy this stands, but nothing will arrive there (at the moment).
If you want to use L stands for cargo, you can vote for B777cargo here: