PRG Gate 22 glitch iOS 11.2

Have a glitch in PRG specifically at Gate 22 L/X planes. Plane pushes back, then does a ‘dance’ for a minute or so, then goes like normal.

Here’s a few screenshots of my AA ‘dancing’. It’s every plane that comes/goes to/from this gate.

Eva :slight_smile:

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You mean Like this?

I think the planes are doing this until they reach the point connected to the outgoing line.

This also happened to me, you beat ne to making a topic :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Although i think in my case it was realted to pushback of 22 and 23
In my case 22 pushed back, started gittering, 23 starts pushback, and when 23 finishes 22 also goes nornal

Got it on video. Sorry if its weird, i screen recorded it but realised that video cant be posted on here so i turned into a gif :joy:


Edit: this turned out pretty bad. Any ideas how i can fix it?

Hello @Ivan0921,
I’m not sure how you made the gif. For the gif shown above I used a gif maker resp. editor app.

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Samsung phones have some sort of custom bitton for capturing gifs :slight_smile:

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In my experience on IOS 13, doesn’t impact around 23 it does it all on its own.
At great cost to my PRG airport, all departures from 22 are provided the following

  1. 3 sick bags per passenger
  2. Complimentary headphones as we pipe music through the aircraft to make it seem like a disco
  3. First class passengers get special over the shoulder seat restraints like on roller coasters
  4. Anyone who is not sick is given a
    “I survived Gate 22 certificate”, those who survive more than 5 times, get 5,000 air miles.

However spare a thought for those leaving on 320’s from NGO who do a donut spin at the departure point of the runway and take off over the grass. We are still figuring out the compensation package on that one


Hahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl::rofl: this made me laugh so hard! Maybe I might have to invest in something like this lol…

Eva :rofl:


Thanks for fixing the gate 22 glich in PRG!! :smiley:

Now I don’t have to exile it to a airport imposed ‘out of order’ , or give my passenger sick bags and travel sickness tablets to take :rofl: