PRG-IAD Connection Requests


Use this thread for PRG-IAD Connections Requests, make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting

User ID: bsharpyy


Timezone: UTC -7

Play most nights, but can accept planes anytime before 10pm and after 6am. Fleet of L to send. If you send outside of this time window a few times no big deal, maybe I’ll still get to it. Please only request if you will also send planes.

User name: marechkon33

Utc: -7

Feel free to add or inbox for any questions

I need a connection from my PRA to a IAD airport. Anybody who can connect with me?

In timezone GMT +2, play most of the day

Anyone? :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I can

Looking for a connection
In-game name: ThiruAirlines
UTC: + 9:30
Play at random times
Feel free to privatly message me for a connection aswell!


I’m looking for connction from
my PRG to your IAD

My timezone is UTC+2 central Europe, and I play from morning to evening

Username: kryll26

I’m waiting for request…

UTC +2 send from 4am to 4 pm

Looking for connection to my IAD - around 60 aircrafts in the fleet. UTC +1. Just send a request.

Username: dömi

added you

Looking for connections PRG - IAD


Looking for a connection from my PRG to your IAD.
Timezone: UTC +1
Username: Kittyhawk5
Favourite time for playing - various times during the whole day.

Hi all,

looking from my PRG to your IAD. User fabioface

Looking for a connection from my PRG to your IAD.
Timezone: UTC +8
Username: winneror
ps: only recieve , doesn’t have L, XL plane

Hi there,

I sent invitation and planes are already on their way…

Looking for a connection from my PRG to your IAD
Timezone: UTC +2
Username: itskemo_

I can

I’m looking for connection from your PRG to my IAD
username: winneror
my timezone is GMT+8
waiting for your request

Looking for connection from my prg to iad. And looking as well conections in the other way from iad

Utc +1 sumertime
Username Andy0741

Looking from 8 am to 10pm