PRG-INN Connection Requests


Use this thread for PRG-INN Connection Requests. make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting

Looking connection
From my PRG to your INN

User ID : kuba12234456
Timezone : UTC+2 (Warsaw, Berlin, Praha),
playing at 9am to 9pm my time

Request sent, pilster1 & I’m in the UK

Looking for a connection

In-game name: ThiruAirlines
UTC: +9:30
Play at random times
Feel free to privatly message me for a connection aswell!

Hi 747_is_cool,

Request sent. I am UTC +8.



I’m looking for connction from
my PRG to your INN

My timezone is UTC+2 central Europe
I have a lot of M size planes

Username: kryll26

waiting for request…