PRG new stands not able to be allocated


Not able to allocate Planes to new stands that have been purchased, before or after the plane has become available

That is annoying.
Is this problem still there after you restart the game?

Once restarted I can allocate a waiting plane to the stand. However, once that plane has departed I can’t allocate again to that stand without restarting.

Then there is some bug, @shill can you help?

Nothing like that can be replicated so far. It may be rare bug - I never saw something like that. Username please so we can check DB if its not broken.

Hi, your nick and airport is?

@shill @jdrobajs

@Ominic13 Does the problem still persist?

I have the same problem. I spent a lot of money, but i can’t allocate any aircrafts. Can you help me?