PRG-NGO Connection Requests


Use this thread for PRG-NGO Connection Requests, make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting

Username: bsharpyy

Timezone: MDT UTC -7

Play mostly nights and some mornings. Large fleet.

Looking for a connection

In-game name: ThiruAirlines
UTC: + 9:30
Play at randome times
Feel free to privatly message me for a connection aswell!

We could make a connextion?

I have a connection right now sorry

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Oh, ok that’s fine!

Looking for a connection. :grinning:
Username: Wannnnng
Timezone: UTC+8
Play mostly between 20:00 and 23:30
My fleet in NGO: couples of B757(M size)

Need connection for my PRG to your NGO
Time zone : gmt +6
Id: SharpShooter98766
Active all day

I can take it.
My UTC: +9:30
IGN: ThriuAirlines
Active at random times. I’ll send the request.

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Accepted :+1:t2:

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Yup! I don’t have a fleet at NGO, but I might get a B734 to send soon.

I’m looking for connection from my PRG to your NGO
I have a lot of L-size planes…
My timezone is CET (UTC+1), and play daytime.
I’m waiting for your request
Username: kryll26

Username Lynxnet
Connection from my PRG to your NGO
My fleet is a Q400, but I’m going to buy more planes in 3 days.
Time zone +1 Italy

Looking for a connection from my PRG to your NGO.
Timezone: GMT +1
Username: Stefan_XS
I can handle planes from 7:00 to 21:00.

I Need connection to your NGO
I am GMT +6
id: The Dutchman

Looking forward to connect to NGO
ID: epgames1808

Looking for connections PRG - NGO


1). Game User ID: eg. marc5435
2) Timezone UTC −05:00 - Montréal
3) I play during the day but mostly around 6pm to 11 pm.

Building a large fleet nowat NGO.

Looking for a connection from my PRG to your NGO.
Timezone: UTC +1
Username: Kittyhawk5
Favourite time for playing - various times during the whole day.

Still looking for some connection from my PRG to NGO.