PRG problem on my account

Hi I have a problem in PRG (INN,BRI,IAD works ok - till now) – there is no menu (upper) bar, no possible to click on departure planes, empty box on aircraft at the terminal.
The only options to back is to kill the app.
Even if I change the phone - appears also on the new one.

I will forward that one to the team.

Hi any change for any back information?
Can I somehow reset PRG but prior sell my 10 A380 to “get the money” back or without loosing A380?

If you reset you won’t lose your A380s. Player aircraft don’t get deleted during reset.

How can I reset Airport? I;ve install game again (even on the new phone) but after connect to Google Play… no change and no any bars and button/ribbons on PRG (like on the snapshot above) -->on the others airports works ok