PRG runway layout

Sorry for the rant but after playing PRG again for 2 hours I have to admit that I haven’t missed playing it all. I don’t know why but the runway is slowing the traffic down so much that there is only waiting. Those extra cargo stands won’t make it better but worse.

Although I have hardly more than 6 aircraft to handle at the gates there’s a permanent traffic jam at the runway and a huge queue of aircraft awaiting landing.

BRI on the opposite is also a single-runway-airport but it’s way more fun, there are no jams at the runway and you have permanent action. Only problem at BRI is the limited amount of destinations for S & M-aircraft (7 all together).

You might say “play at the other airports if you don’t like it” and yes I will, I just wanted to let you know.

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I decided to fill up all S stand with planes and just play PRG airport with M, L and XL planes.
In IAD I also only do L and XL planes. Annoying is the fact that all of the waiting planes are in the bottom of my screen. Hopefully they fix that soon

For me at PRG, finding hard to even get the cargo planes in due to the number of person a/c I have at PRG and how bad the cool down timers are on all size a/c. And the lack off airports to send to

And what should be fixed ? - planes should land 400 knots ; they should taxi 150 knots ?

PRG has limited capacity - that is specific for this airport. That is probably the reason they want to build 2nd paralel runway in the nearest future.

Only small difference between BRI and PRG is size (and number of stands) if BRI should have 50 stands i believe situation is quite similar then. Actually it would be far worse as taxiway to departure holding poing is much shorter than in PRG.

There is nothing currently that can be change there (not to make it look very silly like insane speed of planes). Line up and wait (which is very complexed and would require weeks to complete for all airports) could a little bit speed up flow at runway(s) maybe at some point this will be introduced.

What I do i have most of stands filled when playing PRG. There are no miracles if every plane is send for departure immediately when ready all of a sudden there won’t be half of airport occupied.

Look at the scroll bar in the bottom. Almost all are S planes waiting for departure.

For me a fix would be that I can not see those ready for departure S planes in the bottom because all I am doing these days is scrolling through 30 planes everytime. For IAD this is much worse because I have all S and M filled up so that I only have L and XL arriving.

Do you acknowledge that this can be annoying?

Great update by the way! Love the M and XL cargo!!

I kind of “acknowledge that”: (by looking there in user interface improvements / under consideration) are at least 3 features on this subject placed by… well myself.

But its not my fault it is not on top of players requests list (they want liveries and new planes/airports) or super fancy things like 2nd hand planes market.

I would strongly encourage to vote on those features with status critical. With that many players developers must listen to community voice, and those features have none to little support.

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Why not easily avoid this cause un PRG by opening the 2nd (yes crossing) runway for take-offs of the smaller planes, like the S and M should easily be able to depart just further up the runway. Maybe the L planes even can leave from there. This will lighten the single runway up for more landings, so its kind of a win-win situation. Now the 2nd runway is not giving anything besides looks

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The 2nd runway will NEVER open. They don’t use both in real life either, only when the winds permit.

If you follow the runway that crosses the active, there is a closed runway intersecting it. Maybe they should reopen that.

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Used for storage irl

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They use it pretty often for the CSA-ATRs and general aviation.

Anyway I understand that there would be problems if algorithms would be changed. Please also acknowledge that I just expressed my feelings about not liking it :innocent:


I know they use the runway just not at the same time as the other, due to the winds. :smiley:

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