PRG taxi and hold short bugs

Hi Dev team,

I’ve been playing WoA for a couple of days and I came out with these bugs:

  • taxi:
    from platform 53 to taxiway, S plane gets stuck if another plane is coming from its right.

  • Holding short and landing queue:
    when the airport is at its full capacity, it takes less time for the planes to arrive and depart from the gates than to land and take off. After 5 mins or so it creates a huge traffic jam, therefore making the game unplayable because the planes cannot reach their gates. Only solution I found is to exit to main menu and then go back to game, this way resetting planes at gates and deleting the ones at the hold short point.

Anyway it’s a great game, thank you for your excellent work here (and airportPRG). :blush:

edit: Android device, latest version of game available on PlayStore.


Po dnešní aktualizaci - letadla se zastavila před křižovatkou, nutný restart:

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Yes thats one remaining “bottleneck” in PRG. We are already testing next build with that one fixed. Thanks for sharing.

For now you have to restart airport to get rid of those 2 .