Price adjustments


When are we going to see price adjustments compatibility for various destinations especially freighters


I wanted to raise this subject again, really many fares dont make any senses either on cargo or pax side, I would like to know if developers are looking at prices adjustments again and if so, when are we going to see the new logical fares?


It’s not going to happen any time soon. A minor increase of about 5% (revenue from flights) every now and again would be appreciated.


It is not a general increase that is needed but a completely restructure of the revenue system. There are routes in game you earn way too much and routes you lose a lot of money. I suspended all my long haul flights and stopped serving nearly all long haul connections except of a few flights a week.

@Kilotango thanks so much for bringing this up again!!!

Unfortunately I don’t think anyone of the devs care about it. So I don’t think it’ll be changed. :frowning:

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and in addition to that can anyone explain the in game advantage of the A319 Neo or the 737 Max to me? Especially the price of the Neo is a bad joke compared to the normal a319 and the income/fuel costs. For me buying the Neo is like burning money right away. Why?

So there are a lot of prices/revenues that needs to be updated.

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Couldn’t agree more with that, the A319neo is dreadful, it’s model doesn’t even represent a neo and it earns less than a regular A319, and its double the price! I regret unlocking that aircraft, the 737 MAX is pretty good, and it does earn a noticeable amount more than a regular 737, albeit it needs a slight price reduction to something similar to the 757.

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I think the selling point of the B38M for me is the speed. That’s why I’m fine with its current price.

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All right I will give the Max a try then.

I will buy 737max once I will farm enough golden planes, which will take a while since I am farming to San Diego.