Prices going up 💰

they even increased the price of the Concorde!! :thinking:

No it’s still the same price. Always cost 1000 to unlock and 1,570,000 to purchase. Whenever Concorde gets remodelled though, it’ll probably end up skyrocketing in price, at least the gold plane unlock price as most other aircraft have.


@ukplanespotter757 maybe you’re right ! I was convinced that the plane cost 1000 GP and 1,000,000 wollar👍

Devs said it wouldn’t change in Q&A I think

I’d like to hope it wouldn’t, but given everything else has gone up in price I can’t see why Concorde would be an exception.

Inflation doesn’t stop for anyone. Costs go up and the devs have invested in better technology for the game, growing the user base helps but in an F2P style game with extremely limited ads revenue has to come from in-game purchases. So unfortunately the prices will go up. Because if you get the economics of that wrong. Game will cease.
I know many don’t want to hear that, but it’s the reality.


The developers have to somehow sustain their investment since, as our colleague says, they invested money and time to create this wonderful game… And it is reasonable to see those new prices on airplanes. Although I always support them by buying gold coins with real money, today, Monday like every Monday, I buy gold coins with real money for my new contracts. Greetings to all .

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Same here, I’ll keep buying gold coins to support the devs for this great game!

Just to put it out there if you can afford to unlock Concorde, you can afford to buy at least 1.

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