Problem with gaining access to the game

Suddenly received the message “Update Google Services”. Account is shown, but says no internet connection, so failed to acces the account! Due to this the game does not launch. Have anybody experience this problem either? What is the clue?

Do you have any screenshot?

I play WoA on my laptop through BlueStacks. First, I received this message (Image 1): Update Google Play Services. Pushing “Update”, I received the next message (Image 2): Authentication is required. Log in! That was very strange, cause my account was already shown! (Image 3). Image 4 shows updating error! Something went wrong! At last when I managed to log in, I received the message: “Potential loss of playing progress. Your local account is not connected to Play Games. This means that your playing progress will not be transferred to another device neither after reinstallation nor after deleting of local data!”. I received a new account for WoA with zero progress! Then why? I spent three months for having great progress and earning my own fleet in four airports and at the end lost everything without explanation of any reasons! Why I lost my account in WoA and received a new one?

Can anyone help please? How can I get access to my old account? Or I lost it forever?

You can try asking the developers on soical media (instagram/facebook) whether they can help you recover your old account.

I live in Uzbekistan and we have problem here exactly with instagram/facebook being blocked by the Government. Why the developers not help me here?

Use the Mail:
I Hope Help you Mate :+1:

Thabk you very much for their email! :slight_smile: