Problems with the 2.1 update

Hi, i downloaded the update but doesnt work - at Googleplay the Devs are saying there is something in the forum - but i didnt see?

What doesn’t work?

When i start the App it close after some seconds

The app wont open keeps crashing

Excatly that

Same here. Android 14 and Tab S9.

Hopefully we can stick to this thread for problems with the update.

I’ve downloaded the game on IOS and have noticed that the voice over doesn’t read the flight number’s letters and numbers like it used to but seems to repeat or mumble something else (sounds like And 3 and 4 and and and).

I’ve always wished they would use the call sign but now I’ll take the voice over from the previous update any day :sweat_smile:

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I dont seem to have it on my S20FE 5G

Mine now working

i have the same problem after the update, I requested at the support, but got no real help until now.

Voice over issue I believe will be fixed in 2.2

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